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Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, React, Apollo

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Welcome to the Uber Clone Coding course,

where advanced developers like you embark on an ambitious journey to build a full-stack ride-sharing platform using cutting-edge technologies. This course is meticulously designed for mid to senior-level developers, offering a deep dive into TypeScript for robust type-checking, React for interactive frontend experiences, and GraphQL for efficient API interactions. By cloning Uber, you'll gain invaluable insights into building complex, scalable, and high-performance applications, from backend architecture to frontend interfaces, and deploying them for the world to experience.

Course Curriculum:

1)Mastering TypeScript:

-Understand TypeScript's static typing, interfaces, generics, and advanced type features.

-Apply TypeScript to build robust and maintainable backend and frontend codebases.

2)Frontend Development with React:

-Leverage React's component architecture, state management, and context API for dynamic UIs.

-Implement responsive design, interactive features, and real-time updates for an engaging user experience.

3)GraphQL API Development:

-Explore GraphQL schema design, queries, mutations, and subscriptions for efficient data fetching and manipulation.

-Optimize queries and implement real-time data updates with GraphQL subscriptions.

4)Backend Development with Node.js and Express:

-Build a secure and scalable backend API using Node.js and Express.

-Implement user authentication, authorization, and payment processing functionalities.

5)Database Integration and Optimization:

-Integrate a database system like MongoDB or PostgreSQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.

-Optimize database queries, implement indexing, and manage large datasets for seamless performance.

6)Real-time Features with WebSockets:

-Implement real-time features such as live location updates, messaging, and notifications using WebSockets.

-Create responsive and real-time interactions between drivers, riders, and the server.

7)Deployment and Scalability:

-Deploy the Uber clone on cloud platforms like AWS, ensuring high availability, scalability, and fault tolerance.

-Implement caching, load balancing, and microservices architecture for optimal performance.

Course Curriculum

  #1 Backend: Typescript/NodeJS/GraphQL
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  #2 Front End: ReactJS, Apollo
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