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Python, Django, Tailwind

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Course Description:

Welcome to the Airbnb Clone Coding course, where you'll embark on an exciting journey to master Python, Django, and React by building a fully functional Airbnb-inspired platform from scratch. Designed for intermediate-level developers, this immersive course offers hands-on experience in backend and frontend development, along with deployment strategies. By cloning Airbnb, you'll gain a deep understanding of Python's power, Django's versatility, and React's interactivity, transforming your coding skills and empowering you to create sophisticated web applications.

Course Curriculum:

1)Python Fundamentals:

-Grasp the basics of Python, including data types, loops, and functions.

-Explore object-oriented programming principles and how they apply to Python.

2)Backend Development with Django:

-Master Django fundamentals, including models, views, templates, and URL routing.

-Implement user authentication, permissions, and secure data handling.

3)RESTful API Development:

-Build a robust RESTful API using Django REST Framework, enabling communication between the frontend and backend.

-Understand serialization, authentication, and API endpoints.

4)Frontend Development with React:

-Create interactive user interfaces using React components, state, and props.

-Implement state management, form handling, and routing for seamless user experiences.

5)Database Management:

-Utilize PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source database, to store and retrieve data efficiently.

-Explore database schema design and complex queries for optimal performance.

6)User Experience and Design:

-Implement responsive design principles using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

-Focus on user experience, accessibility, and intuitive design for a user-friendly interface.

7)Deployment and Hosting:

-Deploy your Airbnb clone on platforms like Heroku or AWS, making it accessible to users worldwide.

-Implement continuous integration and deployment practices for efficient code deployment.

Course Curriculum

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Hello!! I’m Nicolás, I’m a location independent programmer and entrepreneur. I taught myself how to program when I was 9 years old and since then I’ve been developing from websites to video games and working as a freelancer. I’m passionate about helping people acquire the skills that will help them achieve the freedom of traveling the world while doing what they love.